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Quantum Leap Capital invests in the future with you

Quantum Leap Capital is an independent private equity firm focused on ambitious entrepreneurs with a strong plan. The focus is on the start & scale up phase where we work with you to find a solution to all your growth issues.

Cambridge dictionary: Quantum Leap

“A great improvement or important development”

About us

We are not a team limited to one specific sector. In many cases, the value chain has a similar set-up. We have different backgrounds in which we like to reinforce each other.

Our passion lies in creating platforms where supply and demand come together, and a touch of technology is in our DNA. What really drives us are entrepreneurs with vision, energy and ambition to grow.

Our ultimate goal? Sustainable growth. We believe in listening to your ideas and building success together. It's not just about investments. We really want to contribute to your plan. So if you think we can add something to your business, feel free to send us your full pitch.

We are open to working with other investors, because we believe that diverse backgrounds and networks pave the way for greater opportunities.
André Grimbergen en Mike de Boer

Why Quantum Leap
Capital wants to fund 
your venture

Every unique plan and pitch has its own character and therefore every funding solution is also different. At Quantum Leap Capital, we look at the essence of your idea and strive to contribute in a way that adds real value.

Often we go for an equity stake, as we believe this is the best way to grow together and achieve success. Sometimes a subordinated loan can also be appropriate, especially if it justifies the risk profile of your company, or if it is simply a better solution for you.

Our commitment extends over a period of up to 7 years, during which we are happy to work and build with you. Here, the faster you grow, the shorter that period can be. We are here to support you and help you realize your vision.

Share your pitch with us

Do you have an innovative plan you want to share with the world? Let's get started together! We invite you to share your pitch with us using the checklist so that you are well prepared and we can get right into the deep end.


We have already made the following investments, those that light up blue there or a new round of funding is open, please get in touch if you think you would like to add something, that could be funding or knowledge.

Sectors with special attention

To shape our broader goal, we have identified some specific directions that we are interested in. Of course, the common denominator remains that it must be innovative.

We love working with other entrepreneurs and investors because we believe that diversity in backgrounds, knowledge and networks is the key to success. Let's embrace the power of collaboration and achieve our goals together.

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Team & Contact

To get a better picture of who we are, we'd like to shed some light on our background, the reasons behind "Why Quantum Leap Capital?" and "Whence a Capricorn?"
For us, it's all about vision and strategy. André is an entrepreneur with a broad background. After inventing and setting up Albelli, he has focused on the Instagram success, WONDR, in Amsterdam in recent years. Mike has a finance background and is co-founder of knab bank. He also has extensive experience in providing financial advice to businesses, through his years of experience in through his various advisory board roles with entrepreneurs.

With both of our experience and Quantum Leap vision, we strive to accelerate your idea to a successful implementation. Our strategy includes daring to take risks, maintain an overview and enter areas where not everyone dares to go, such as the tops of high mountains. All of this reflects the character of an ibex.

Like these majestic animals, we want to take on the challenges of the heights and explore new frontiers. Together we want to tread new paths and achieve successes that may seem unattainable to others. Reaching the top together, then, is a beautiful endeavor.


Do you also work with other investors?

Yes. Especially if it makes the project more powerful.

Do you also launch stores?


How long does it take for you guys to provide feedback?

We stick to 10 working days. Should this be different we will feedback.

Do you do second chances?

Yes, we see more often that with input a plan is made better, so send it in.

What forms of financing do you offer?

This can vary by solution, just state your goal and we'll see what fits. Preferably, it always leads to a longer-term equity stake.

Can you add value in areas other than just financial support?

Yes, that is possible. However, the combination is focused on longer-term value development and the more value we add, the more logical it is for us to share in that.

On average, how long does it take to complete an investment?

We first engage in discussions together, it may take 1 - 6 months. Sometimes we look for investors in it or ask some questions that need to be tested in the market first.

What are the expectations and conditions you have for entrepreneurs after our investment?

You go all in, you believe in it, the goal is sacred. We don't go for the quick exit, but to really bring an idea to fruition with your co-founders.

Are there any networks or partnerships you are part of that could be of value to my business?

Once we get into conversation, we can obviously look at this.

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